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What Happens At Your Visit?


When you arrive at the clinic, the receptionist will confirm your full name and address and phone number, and then ask to see your Medicare card and whether you have a Pension or Health Care card, as well the name of your General Practitioner. Dr Munro is very keen to keep your health care professionals informed about your eyes.
You will then be called into a consulting room by Dr Munro.
If you have simply come for a specific test requested by your optometrist such as OCT (Optical Coherence Tomogram) then you will be taken into the scan photography room.
Otherwise, he will take you into the main consulting room and ask about your problem and perform several tests. This will start with measuring your vision (visual acuity) and intraocular pressure.
Dr Munro will then examine your eyes. This is done at a slit lamp microscope with a bright light. Your vision may take a minute or so to settle from the dazzling effect.
After testing your pupils with a bright light, he may put dilating drops into one or both of your eyes.
This is so that Dr Munro can examine the retina of both eyes when he sees you. These drops may blur and distort your vision so that you should not drive for at least 1-2 hours afterwards.
Tea and coffee facilities are available.


A staff member may take you through to another room where you will have the side vision tested on the visual field Humphrey visual field analyser machine. This is important for following glaucoma patients, driving licence reports and in assessing patients with headache.
Dr Munro may perform OCT scans, colour photography of your retina and 3D stereo photos of your optic discs. You wil not be charged for these tests.


You may bring a friend or relative with you into the consultation
After he has examined your eyes, Dr Munro will have a discussion with you about any other tests and treatment that may be necessary.