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In Rooms Procedures

Meibomian lid cysts (Chalazia)

Lid cysts are common and may require intervention. If they are troublesome, then the operation can be performed at the Rooms.

The operation is a minor procedure and is done under local anaesthetic. The eyelid is numbed with anaesthetic eye drops and then infiltrated by local anaesthetic injection placed under the conjunctiva of the eyelid. A small cut is then made on the inside of the eyelid to release the contents of the cyst.
An eyepad is taped over-night and then removed and discarded on the following morning.

Lacrimal probing

Watering eye is one of the more common and irritating conditions which may be settled with the flushing of fluid through the outflow pathways. If the flush shows the duct is blocked then it will help diagnose the site of the obstruction. Narrowing at the top end may be dealt with in the office but if the restriction is further down it may require surgery in Hospital operating theatre by referral to a colleague.

Instrument cleaning is with ultrasound and hot oven sterilisation using disposable adjuvant items for local anaesthesia. A comfortably reclining chair is used for the procedures.